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Hi, my name is Yael Finer.
I grew up in a difficult household with an unstable father and a mother who worked from dawn to dusk to support her three daughters in war-torn Israel.
I was 7 years old when I discovered my ability to empathically understand different perspectives and mitigate conflicts between my mother, father and my sisters.
I trained extensively in Chinese and Japanese traditional medicine and spent the first 20 years of my career helping people heal their physical and emotional bodies.
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The principles of Chinese medicine guided me in the way I approach life and work: we are all connected through the web of life, deeply influenced and influencing each other and the nature around us.  In the same way, that mind, body, and spirit are connected and influence each other in a person.
When I moved from Israel to Canada, I decided to devote myself to conflict resolution and focus on topics that are tearing our world apart – the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change and racism.
I offer 1-on-1 coaching sessions and group workshops.
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What can I help with?

Dissolve anger and fear to find courage and compassion

Dianna thought men were terrible, just wanted to hurt women and were not for her. Every relationship was proof of her beliefs. After a few sessions exploring what led her to those conclusions and reframing her beliefs, Dianna found the courage to talk to men. She learned how to be true to herself in relationships and that gave her hope to find a man she’d like to spend her life with.
Ruby couldn’t talk with her racist dad who kept shutting her down. After a short and simple process, she found compassion for him, could be fully present in a series of transformative conversations and was ultimately able to open him up to explore his racist views.
Andrea was afraid to talk with her partner on any topic that he had strong feelings about. She used to be shut down by his aggressive and dominant energy. We spent a few sessions working through her anger and she is now able to stand her ground on any topic with him. The resulting balance strengthened their bond and improved their relationship.

Clear mental fog and confusion to find clarity and focus

Michelle was struggling to talk about money with her parents and her partner and she was looking for tools and techniques that would help her speak her mind. One session of exploration was enough to locate the root of her low self-confidence. After a simple process, she found inner strength and self-assurance and could manage the difficult conversations.

Work through burnout and impostor syndrome to find purposeful productivity

Greg was transitioning from a small NGO into a bigger organization. He felt strong imposter syndrome and was too overwhelmed to function. Over the course of several sessions, we worked on time management, focus and productivity as well as his ability to stand up for what he believed. As a result, he was able to get out of 5 years of inaction, have a smooth transition, hire new staff members, and get the budget for the world-changing project he was dreaming of.

Bridge the political differences to heal close relationships

Melanie was ghosting her dad and felt alone and misunderstood. All he cared about was changing her mind about politics. She was on the brink of gave-up on him. A couple of sessions later she realized how she was contributing to the pattern they have and that she needed to be more honest with him about her needs and feelings. This resulted in a beautiful relationship and a dad she never had.

Acknowledge biases to heal friendships

Ken almost lost touch with a good friend because the friend didn’t believe in vaccinations. After a quick conversation with me, Ken realized he was acting out of pride and that he was the one to introduce tension in the relationship. His heart softened, his eyes shined and he managed to build a new relationship with his buddy based on love, openness and the ability to have difficult conversations.

Stop avoiding conflicts and chase your dreams

Dayna was afraid to talk about climate change with her ski buddies. She worried that she’d be shut down and ridiculed. Exploring the fear, the possible consequences and some tools to start the conversation, she started talking freely about what she cares about the most. She’s now a successful activist raising funds for saving old-growth forests in BC!


I’m impressed with how quickly my ability to notice biases has increased. It’s less scary and much easier to have a meaningful conversation now that my conversational awareness has grown. This course is a must for everyone. Yael, you are certainly a prophet of your time, thank you SO much for putting work into this and thank you beyond words for seeing the good in everyone. You are a mentor of mine, my appreciation for you runs incredibly deep. Dayna Jackson
Aggressive energy is a big trigger for me and I am getting much better at handling it. Now I am able to navigate a stressful conversation skillfully and stay centred.After the course, I’m able to talk about triggering topics like feminism, even though I don’t always agree with what I hear, without evoking conflict or resulting to a flight or fight response. Andrea Diaz
Yael, you made me see kindness in the world and think from a different perspective. My automatic hate and anger reactions have changed to love and forgiveness.You saved me from the dark side of human nature. I can touch the highest standards of forgiveness and tranquillity minutes after I was hurt and felt anxiety, anger and compulsion. Hemal Shah
I always thought I have limited emotional capability, I couldn’t read other people’s emotions and not once hurt people. I never thought I could acquire that skill. Working with Yael, allowed me to connect to my emotions and to others. Today, I can communicate on an emotional level as well which has a positive effect on my relationships. Greg
I feel myself growing, I feel it in my heart and the temples of my head. Everything is warm and fuzzy and I feel the thrill of living. This is what life is about. I want to communicate FOREVER! I am feeling so fueled to love and connect intimately with a partner, something I believed to be gone forever since May. I convinced myself that I could replace that with friendship but my heart is opening again, currently, I see the value in both romantic and platonic love intertwining. Diana

The Podcast

I interview people on both sides of political and personal conflicts. We explore different perspectives, biases and underlying emotions. We listen to what the other side has to say in a safe setting and see the humanity in them. This helps foster better communication and surprising solutions.

How to broach a difficult subject

A lot of personal conflicts persist because we’re unable or unwilling to have an unpleasant conversation.
This 3-minute worksheet will get you ready to talk to your mother, boss, child or spouse about something you haven’t been able to broach so far.

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